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Triple Diamond Mini Hoop Piercing 8mm


Color :


Triple Diamond Mini Hoop Piercing 8mm


All jewels are in 18 Karat gold and diamonds.

Length : 8mm

With all piercing purchases, you can get pierced for free.

It is only available in the 8mm length or more.

We will offer you a care kit at our boutique.

We only pierce the ear and no more than 3 piercings at a time.

Our piercer artist Thomas Scoth will be able to advise you on the best place for your piercing.


Where, When, How ? 

Atelier Precious Piercing by Djula. Appointment only.

Boutique Djula 25 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Paris 8

Email :

Tel : 01 42 66 60 03

white gold 18k
Type of stone
Diamant 0.03cts
0.75 g


With the piercing collection, Alexandre Corrot, founder and artistic director of DJULA,
continues his aesthetic research in the art of piercing.
His new collection AUDACE reflects a bohemian and mystical side that carry promises of light and happy days.
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