Founded in 1994 in Paris, in  the heart of the City of Light, DJULA has gradually established itself as an avant-garde House, reinventing the codes of traditional jewelry with bold creations and a unique style, both romantic and rebellious.

True to the conviction that luxury should be within everyone's reach, DJULA opens the doors to a world where elegance is an everyday reality, where desires are transformed into sparkling reality, where diamonds are no longer inaccessible.


DJULA jewelry creations invite you to express your own personality and individuality through a bold and daring style.

Recognizable by the transgressive style and the
glam rock spirit, the creations are made to be stacked and accumulated without limits according to your desires.

Each collection offers pure lines and distinctive designs crafted in 750/1000 gold and high quality diamonds to be worn in your everyday life, and to shine in all circumstances.