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Summer Flower Diamond Navel Piercing


Color :


Summer Flower Diamond Navel Piercing


All jewels are in 18 Karat gold and diamonds.

Gauge 1.6mm


With all piercing purchases; you can get pierced for free.

We will offer you a care kit at our boutique.

We only pierce the ear and no more than 3 piercings at a time.

Our piercer artist Thomas Scoth will be able to advise you on the best place for your piercing.


Where; When; How ? 

Atelier Precious Piercing by Djula. Appointment only.

Boutique Djula 25 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré; Paris 8

Email :

Tel : 01 42 66 60 03

white gold 18k
Type of stone
Diamant 0.19cts
0.66 g


Shaking up rules and conventions, Djula gives distinction and nobility to piercing creating collections in gold and diamonds.

Everyone can choose their ear piercing. Collections are designed to magnify lobes and cartilages in 18-carat gold and white diamond, in paving or mosaic… You'll discover a tribute to Suns, Barbed Wire, Snakes collections in micro version – but also mini hoops, stars, flowers, and other graphic patterns.

You can now book appointment to the Atelier Piercing all over the world to be adviced and get pierced from dedicated teams of experts.
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