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Silver barbelé choker



Silver barbelé choker

Created by him and for him, Alexandre CORROT imagines - 10 years ago now - a line of jewelry inspired by barbed wire. By diverting it from its primary function and dressing it in precious materials, it launched the glam-rock trend. By sublimating the ordinary, BARBELÉ line bypasses the codes of traditional jewelry and asserting unbridled style and creativity. 
A decade has been enough to make BARBELÉ a signature, an icon among the icons of the DJULA sphere. “… It's a motif that is dear to me… it is a symbol of union, of attachment to everything that matters to me and also paradoxically a very strong symbol of freedom…” recalls Alexandre Corrot - Founder and Artistic Director of the House.  
A decade of success, celebrated in December 2020 with a new capsule: a box of 5 silk bracelets each closed with a silver 925 barbed wire. 5 colors for 5 bracelets ... to offer yourself, to offer, to share with your alter ego, your group, your circle, your family; "As a reuniting sign and a way to always keep and strengthen contact with your loved ones ... even from a distance" specifies Alexandre and "a nice way to be part of the DJULA tribe".
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