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Marbella Ring Pink Enamel




Marbella Ring Pink Enamel in 585/1000 gold and diamonds.

Captivated by the summer ambiance of Marbella, DJULA harnesses the vibrant and sun-kissed energy of the city to design a jewelry collection bearing the same name.
The Marbella collection features colored rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. The combination of the warm radiance of rose gold and the luminous beauty of enamel recalls the sun-drenched days and lively nights of this iconic coastal destination.

Product specifications are given as an indication and may vary slightly from one creation to another. Non-contractual values.

Rose gold 585/1000
Type of stone
Diamonds 0.02cts


Created to honor the opening of our boutique in this summer seaside resort, Marbella has become a flagship collection of Maison Djula Paris. The daring meeting between gold diamonds paved and the intensity of the colors brings the perfect touch to enhance your outfits and attract attention. A collection that inspires you to experience a colorful summer.
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