Maison Djula

Outrageous and provocative, Alexandre Corrot builds his collections, like his campaigns, into authentic works of art. Beyond the constraints of traditional jewellery, the Djula spirit remains that of the young Parisian house spearheading the «Glam Rock» trend in its jewellery almost twenty years ago.

Sourcing : Rigour and ethical policy

Djula is a responsible player of the jewellery and fine jewellery sector. It is commited to sourcing its diamonds and gemstones so that they come exclusively from non conflict areas.
Caring about gemstones sourcing, and not employing young children as a workforce, reflects Djula’s ethical policy and Djula’s core values.


Gold :
Djula is exclusively using 18 carat gold for its jewellery.
Diamonds purity :
The diamonds used for micro-paving are G VS1 SI quality (Slightly Included),
The pear shaped diamonds, marquise or baguette diamonds are VS2 quality (Very Slightly Included).
The diamonds setting is always a claw hand-made setting.

Alexandre Corrot imagines and designs his jewellery collections according to women personnalities.

Brand history

Thanks to a visionary personality, always ahead of his times, Alexandre Corrot, Djula’s designer and artistic director, revolutionized the jewellery sector by his creativity and his style. He broke the traditional jewellery codes by launching a glam-rock trend with, for instance, his « barbed wire » collection.
There is no coincidence if Alexandre Corrot is so found of the Art Nouveau, as it has been a profound conceptual and stylistic renewal of art in the 20’s. Sensitive and audacious, his obsession for sleek and graphic lines is expressed through all his collections. He played a part in releasing the jewellery sector from its rigidity, allowing it to become more urban.


Djula is an exception in the jewellery sector by its very large number of collections : more than twenty collections, some of which present twenty-eight different pieces of jewellery. Two or three new collections are being launched both summer and winter each year, inspired by new fashion and art trends.

Djula High Jewelry

DJULA opened its first High Jewelry Boutique in December, in the prestigious district of Faubourg Saint Honoré.
On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Maison, Alexandre Corrot wanted to dedicate a High Jewelry concept due to the growing demand of its customers passionate about a spirit that is perpetually looking for novelty, following closely the artistic trends. This case combines classicism and modernity in the spirit of the Parisian salons of the 18th century. You will find exceptional and unique pieces, which will plunge you into a universe where the stones are illuminating every woman of a thousand lights.
25 rue du Faubourg St Honoré 75008 Paris